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Common Questions by Department

Have a question about the products or services at Dave's Fresh Marketplace? Find your answers here! And if you don't find your answer, please feel free to contact us directly.

Does Dave's offer custom Wedding Cakes ?

No - Unfortunately, we do not bake or design wedding cakes 

Can Dave's write on a Birthday Cake?

Yes!  We are happy to personalize a message on a cake for you.

Can Dave's decorate a special occasions cake for me?

We are able to decorate some cakes for events - please contact the store directly and speak with the bakery manager.

Is Dave's able to slice my Italian bread for me fresh?

Yes! Our team can slice any bread for you – just ask!

Does Dave's bake all of your items in store?

About 50% of our products are baked in store- Breads, Pies, Muffins, Bagels and several other items are baked fresh all day, every day. We also have a full service Scratch Bakery, working every day, creating our twists, party pizza, demi loaves, cookies, Zeppoles, seasonal Italian cookies, Almond Horns, Bread Puddings and so much more.  We take great pride in using high quality ingredients to bake up delicious flavors – fresh from our ovens to your home.


Does Dave's carry Organic and Natural meat products?

Yes we do! Please visit our butcher Shop department page for a breakdown of the high quality proteins we carry.

Does Dave's sell tube beef?

No!  We grind our own ground beef every day, all day!  We do not sell tube beef.

Can I get a custom roast?

Absolutely!  Please contact one of our talented butchers at your local Dave’s

Does Dave's carry venison, duck and goose?

We have access to most specialty proteins including Venison, Duck and Goose - please contact your local butcher to check availability.


Does Dave's offer a catering service?

Yes!  Dave’s Catering is well known throughout RI for serving up the quality foods you count on from Dave’s: fresh ingredients, great recipes produced in small batches for your events. Visit us online at davescateringri.com to learn about what we offer.


Will Dave's donate to my fundraiser, auction, event or program?

Dave’s has been a RI institution since 1969 – we are committed to the communities we serve!  Please visit our Charitable Giving page for more information and instructions on how to apply.


Can Dave's cash a check for me?

Unfortunately, we do not cash checks however we do accept personal checks as payment with a government issued ID. 

Does Dave's accept coupons?

Yes!  Dave’s Fresh Marketplace accepts both manufacturer’s and internet coupons. We do not double coupons, accept internet coupons for free items or allow the use of more than one coupon per item purchased.


How old do I need to be to work for Dave’s?

We hire service clerks and cashiers starting at 16 yrs of age and older. All other departments require an employee to be 18 yrs of age and older.  Please visit our Join Our Team page for additional information and how to apply.


Can I purchase gift cards online and have them mailed?

Yes you can! Please visit our Gift Card ordering page at Dave's Gift Baskets

Can the gift cards be used in all locations?

Yes - Our Gift cards can be used at all 10 Dave’s Marketplace locations, our gift shop Le’s Isle Rose and with our catering department.

How many gift cards can I purchase at one time?

We would love for you to buy as many as you'd like!  We ask if needing more than 10 cards at one time, you contact our Corporate Office via our online ordering platform and arrange for a Bulk Gift Card order.  A representative from our team will follow up in 24 business hours to facilitate your request.


Does Dave's deliver or provide curbside service?

No - Unfortunately, we do not provide delivery or curbside service at this time.


Do Dave's produce your own prepared foods?

We are proud of our Kitchen Departments and Chef’s.  We produce from scratch over 75% of our prepared foods either in our on site, open air kitchens or through our central commissary.

Does Dave's share your prepared food recipes?

No, unfortunately we do not share our prepared foods recipes that have been handed down from Dave, or created with our Culinary Director.  We do create and share new recipes for you to make at home each week – and share them on our website and social media.  Please visit davesmarketplace.com/Recipes

Does Dave's source your produce locally?

Whenever possible, we buy local, seasonal  produce from area farms and greenhouses. 

Does Dave's carry Organic Produce?

Yes we do carry a range of organic produce.  Depending upon the size of each location will determine the specific offerings of organic produce.  Our East Greenwich location is the largest store in our chain – therefore, it does carry the most variety of organic produce

Where does Dave's source your seafood from?

Our fresh seafood is sourced from trusted vendors seasonally from all over the world.  Whenever possible, we sell fresh top of the catch swordfish, tuna, haddock, cod and salmon.  Our Seafood buyer visits the local Boston Seafood Market twice a week to personally inspect and purchase the freshest fish available for our customers.

Can I special order seafood?

Yes!  Please do!  Call your local Dave’s Seafood department and speak with one of our experienced Seafood Managers to place a special order.  During peak Holiday seasons, we offer the convenience of ordering seafood in advance online

Does Dave's steam lobsters?

Yes we do – each Dave’s Fresh Marketplace location has a steamer in the seafood department.  We recommend during peak times, you call ahead.   Please visit our Locations page for phone numbers.