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RI is “The Ocean State” – and Dave’s Might Be Why!

At Dave’s, we’re near fanatical about getting top quality seafood into our cases fast! Our buyers go out to Point Judith, New Bedford and Boston every few days, and bid on seafood right on the docks, always looking to bring home the “top of the catch.” (The freshest seafood was caught last and lands on top of the pile.) Back home, we employ over 30 “fish mongers” who bring many decades of experience to your customer experience.

The next time you’re in Dave’s, visit our “seafood store.” Look for “Caught in the Ocean State” tags. Ask a Dave’s fishmonger about what’s fresh and delicious. We promise you’ll get a whopping fish tale!

Dave's Marketplace It’s Always Seafood Season

It’s Always Seafood Season

Summer  -  A Rhode Island seafood dinner at sunset: steamers, littlenecks, and seafood kabobs on the barbecue. Nope. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Fall  -  With a nip in the air, cutting into a swordfish steak defines the end of summer. So does haddock, flounder and tuna caught right in local waters.

Winter -  Cold outside? Not to worry. You’ve got baked stuffed shrimp, a seafood casserole, stuffies and lobster on the table!

Spring  -   The sea doesn’t wait for summer to blossom. It’s time to enjoy the harvest: scallops, mahi mahi, corvine and shrimp from Maine.

Dave's Marketplace Fish and Your Health

Fish and Your Health

•  A regular course of fish three to four times a
   week will help keep you supplied with essential
   nucleic acids, DNA and RNA

•  New evidence shows that eating as little as
   one serving of fish per week can significantly
   reduce your risk of heart disease

•  Depending on the species, 11- to 27% of the
   total fat in fish and shellfish is saturated. Pork
   has 37% and most beef has 48%.

•  All shellfish are naturally high in sodium

•  Since most people don’t eat large amounts of
   fish everyday, the contaminants consumed are
   negligible, and benefits far outweigh them.

•  Cooking fish removes many of the
   contaminants usually found in fat.

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