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The Fresh Fish & Seafood Market at Dave's

Fresh Salmon in RI

"I'd Swim Upstream for Dave's Salmon!"

Dave's Fresh Marketplace Salmon

That's how much our customers love the delicious, unmistakable taste of salmon. This hearty fish is more popular than ever before, because of advanced "farming" techniques, which keep costs down and quality up. And if you're looking for a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids (great for heart health, stroke prevention and blood pressure), make salmon your "go to" item at Dave's.

Understanding the Two Types of Salmon

Dave's Fresh Marketplace Two Types of Salmon

Wild Salmon

Salmon is either wild or fresh. Wild salmon - the kind you see swimming upstream against all odds, in the Pacific Northwest - have less fat than farm-raised salmon, but a richer flavor. They're "in season," if you will, from May until September, and are usually frozen immediately, so their freshness is closely protected.

Farm Raised Salmon

Farm Raised Salmon

Salmon raised on "farms" thrive in a controlled, atmosphere, and are available year round. Atlantic salmon is raised around the world, from Chile to Norway. King Salmon, otherwise known as Chinook, are the largest salmon, raised in Asia and North America. Sockeye Salmon - with their deep red color and fantastic flavor - are considered the most valuable species in America. They're fished in Alaska during the summer, after spending up to four years in the Pacific.

Other fish that are "like" salmon include trout, Steelhead and Arctic Cha, but some die-hard seafood connoisseurs stand by their claim that salmon is one of the best-tasting fish in the world. What do you think?

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