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5 Weekly Meal Ideas from Chefs & "Foodies" Online

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Tofu

Sweet and spicy grilled tofu and pineapple with herbed cauliflower rice is a super fresh, satiating, and very flavorful vegan main course.

Dave's Marketplace - Mushroom Tacos

Mushroom Tacos

Take off the meat and turn up the heat with these kicky Mushroom Tacos made with portobello mushrooms, jalapeños, onion, and garlic. Serve on warm corn or flour tortillas and top off with black beans, corn, and creamy avocado. Garnish with tangy cilantro.

Dave's Marketplace - Rosemary and Sea Salt Rustic Bread Loaf

Rosemary and Sea Salt Rustic Bread Loaf

This Rosemary and Sea Salt Rustic Loaf is going to make great dipping bread into olive oil. I also foresee a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in my future.

Dave's Marketplace - Fig and Pear Tart

Fig and Pear Tart

They say galettes are a beginner’s pie. Meaning that it’s the easiest of pies to put together. There’s no fancy lattice crust, no pre-baked pie dough, no tart mold, just a simple, rustic tart that ends up looking beautiful. For this recipe, the filling is quite simple and only requires a few ingredients and a few stirs.

Dave's Marketplace - Spicy Zucchini Ricotta Lasagna

Spicy Zucchini Ricotta Lasagna

This Spicy Zucchini Ricotta Lasagna with Oregano Breadcrumbs is best for nights when you’re craving Italian, but also want to keep things light and healthy.  The zucchini is sliced into ribbons and layered up with spicy, herby, tomato sauce, and creamy ricotta cheese, just like lasagna! It’s creamy and so delicious! 

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