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A Message from Dave's Fresh Marketplace Regarding COVID-19

Posted Apr 10, 2020

To Our Dave's Family:

It is amazing to think just 5 weeks ago, we began this "COVID" rollercoaster together. We took unprecedented action - closing our stores early, increasing pay rates, enacting Senior Hour, doubling cleaning staffing, maintaining capacity limits within store walls and redistributing help across all departments and locations to help one another. Together.

To say Thank You seems too small. Daily we are reminded through our store interactions and social channels how terrific our employees are: the dedication, selflessness and comradery are a testament to the character our employees possess. Every store has stories to share of compassion and resiliency that further tie us together. We are proud you work for Dave's Marketplace.

The steps we began 5 weeks ago will be extended for an additional 4 weeks: $2.00 an hour for part-time and full-time hourly employee increases, along with $100.00 a week for salaried employees will continue through May 7th. As will all other programs we have begun. We want our communities - employees, customers, families, friends - to be safe.

It's not enough to flatten the curve. Each of us need to be strong community leaders - supporting each other and actively keeping one another safe. Wear masks. Wash your hands. Clean. Sanitize. Whoever thought we would be encouraging customers to walk down an aisle in one direction or the term "social distancing" would be the most used catch phrase in America? It's been quite a ride - and we see it continuing.

We will come through these uncertain times. Together. We remain vigilant on shifting gears to best serve our employees and communities. Be confident that our Dave's family is working for you.

Happy Easter - Enjoy this day - with your 5 favorite people!

With gratitude, and respectfully:

Posted Apr 02, 2020

Safe SHOPPING tips

Dave's has developed a list or TIPS for Customers, Employees, Families and Friends to Practice during this COVID-19 pandemic when visiting your local Dave's – or any other essential retailer – Large or Small. We are in this together

1- Only visit the grocery store when it's essential – and only buy what you need for one week, or a little more.

2- We ask that you not use your Re-usable bags at this time – but if you do, please wash them first, don't put them on our conveyor belts and please pack your own bags

3- To help reduce store crowds, please have 1 family member shop for the house

4- Use your eyes to inspect produce, NOT your hands. ALWAYS wash produce when you get home

5- Avoid handling all items in the store- pick up what you will be purchasing. Do not let children handle products

6- Practice Social Distancing within the store

7- Be aware of Special Hours – ASK at our service desks best times to shop. Many stores are experiencing slow downs in late morning and early afternoon

8- Allow for extra time – because of state imposed capacity limits, there may be lines to get in

9- Don't crowd! Service cases, aisles or front ends!

10- Please – Treat our employees with kindness

Thank you! We are in this together

Posted Mar 26, 2020
Our Governor in conjunction with the RI Department of Health, have asked retailers to increase its encouragement for social distancing, including taping six feet markers on our floors as a parameter for distancing and monitoring the ebb and flow of customers in our stores at one time. There are significant times in all locations – usually late morning, early afternoon – where there are no crowds and great accessibility throughout departments.

20% of stated Fire Capacity in regards to number of customers is unique to each marketplace. However, as we have discovered in research, our stores tend to naturally adhere to these capacities during normal business hours. Peak times of day will require additional monitoring to ensure speedy and reliable check out experiences, which we do not see to be a barrier to our retail operations. Customers can be confident that our stores and dedicated team will remain vigilant, and assertive in our efforts to maintain a clean and stocked experience.

All other guidelines released on March 24th by the Governor's Task force had been in effect at all Dave's Fresh Marketplace locations, most of them since March 16th.

We have taken additional steps this week to encourage and support customer and employee's health:

  • Plexiglass has been installed in all check out locations to minimize face to face interactions between check out staff and customers
  • Effective March 26th, we will not be bagging groceries into Reusable Bags. We ask customers to allow us to use Paper or Plastic on their visits; or to accept responsibility to bag groceries themselves
  • As always, we will be working with our local and state government to ensure a healthy Rhode Island. We are all in this together.

Posted Mar 18, 2020
The world is changing – rapidly. We are seeing scores of small business owners, restaurants, schools and offices take unprecedented precautions to protect employees, staff, neighbors, friends and family. Despite uncertainty, Dave's is committed to maintaining the highest standards of store cleanliness and safety for our communities: standards you have come to know and trust.

A special thank you goes to our tireless employees. Without their dedication, selflessness and comradery, our stores would not be rebounding as quickly or efficiently as they currently are. Our teams have pulled together with compassion, consideration and a resiliency that many could learn from. We could not be prouder of them.

Dave's has made some changes in our business during this time. Beginning on Tuesday, March 17th, all 10 Dave's Locations will be closing at 7:30pm to allow staff extra time for sanitation, restocking and personal time to regroup, and spend time with their own families.

Effective Friday, March 20th, our 8 Larger Locations will be opening from 7:00 am – 8:00 am, and our two Smallest Locations will be opening from 8:00 am - 9:00 am for Seniors 60+ ONLY: we are hoping this will create a less crowded environment for our most vulnerable population. This program will run Mondays through Fridays until we are past this crisis. If there is a caregiver that needs to accompany the senior, they will be welcome to assist in the shopping order. Although we will not be asking for an ID for entry, we ask our community to be considerate of this dedicated time and plan your shopping accordingly. Do the right thing – respect the space, and time, for seniors.

All of our Hot, Cold, Olive, Soup, Coffee Bars and Cafés are now closed. This was a difficult decision, but necessary to ensure the health of our customers. Our kitchen staff is still producing your favorite foods – we are packaging them up fresh for sale on our sidewall, as easy Grab and Go options, for lunch or dinner. All of our departments are humming along, producing your favorite pizza's, deli sandwiches, soups and sushi. Call ahead, they can be ready to pick up and go. In addition, we have dedicated cleaning teams in every store – wiping, washing, sanitizing.

Over our 50 years in business, Dave and our buying specialists have cultivated amazing relationships with national and local vendors, wholesalers and distributers. The team is working to bring you what your family needs. The Global Supply Chain Network has been disrupted – you may not find everything you want at this moment, but we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to procure it. Our stores are receiving deliveries throughout the day; shelves will be replenished as soon as product arrives.

Lastly, we will come through these uncertain times. Together. Each day is a new day – with new developments and updates – we remain vigilant on shifting gears to best serve our communities. Be confident that our Dave's family is working for you.